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After Hours Winter Bat Removal.

If you find yourself with an unwanted visitor flying around your house this winter there are a few things you should know.

-The bat didn't just fly in or come down the chimney, it has been in hibernation since late fall and networked deep into the home to stay warm.

-Bats will enter into hibernation as soon as the weather cools down and food sources began to die off (flying insects.)

-A bat will go dormant and will only need to move around every few weeks and may get active during random warm winter days.

-We offer after hours removal and relocation of these winter bats.

-After your initial inspection if it's determined there is a bat colony in the attic space or walls, we will provide a detailed estimate to perform a live bat exclusion.

-(Bats are not going to be active until the weather warms up in the spring so there are two options.)

-#1 We can perform all the necessary sealing and bat proofing so your home is ready the first day bats decide to fly out.

-#2 Or you can wait till spring to have the bat exclusion done.

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