Active Bats During Warm Winter Days

As we get occasional warm days throughout the winter, bats begin to move around or network into living quarters of homes and commercial buildings. We are equipped to handle any live bat situations that may occur during these cold months to safely and humanly remove the unwanted critter from your property 24 hours a day. We successfully relocated the bat shown below from the back storage area of a popular retail chain. Since it was during the hibernation months, the bat was roosting on a wall for 2-3 days until we got the call to come out and humanly remove it. If you think you may need bat removal or have bats in your attic or commercial space give us a call today!

After Hours Winter Bat Removal.

If you find yourself with an unwanted visitor flying around your house this winter there are a few things you should know. -The bat didn't just fly in or come down the chimney, it has been in hibernation since late fall and networked deep into the home to stay warm. -Bats will enter into hibernation as soon as the weather cools down and food sources began to die off (flying insects.) -A bat will go dormant and will only need to move around every few weeks and may get active during random warm winter days. -We offer after hours removal and relocation of these winter bats. -After your initial inspection if it's determined there is a bat colony in the attic space or walls, we will provide a det

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