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Ann Arbor MI, Bat Removal

Bat and Wildlife Solutions is a locally owned and family operated Ann Arbor area bat removal company. We remove bats and other problem animals from your residential or commercial buildings and stop them from returning. We have confidence in our bat removal services and offer a 3 year bat free guarantee or we will return free of charge to fix the problem. Our team has over a decade of experience in bat exclusions and are constantly learning new technologies and methods to keep your space bat free. We pride ourselves on delivering quick responses no matter the time of day and also offer after hours bat removal.


Our technicians will install one-way bat doors at the primary entry points. We will then go around your house 360° sealing all potential entry points, making re-entry impossible. One-way doors will remain up for 30-60 days to ensure the bats have all left. In some cases, if it is late in the season or during the winter months, one way doors will stay up until late spring.

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