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Live Bat Exclusion

Bat Removal Michigan

Our company has successfully completed thousands of humane live bat exclusions on residential and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves in providing a great customer service experience and make sure all the work is done to your complete satisfaction. We exclude bats from your home or building through a one way door process, which means we find their major point of entry and put up a one way door system so the bats can go out to feed in the evening and have no access back in. During the exclusion process it is unusual to see bats roosting on your house or trying to gain access back in as the sun rises. We also will repair any possible entry points 1/2" or larger, screen open gable vents, fix chimney openings or caps, and seal loose ridge vents. The goal is to bat proof your home or building so bats don't get back in. Last but not least we offer clean up services as well. This whole process will be explained in greater detail during the inspection of your home or building.

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