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Bat Questions & Answers

-What do bats eat in Michigan?-Bats typically eat flying insects like mosquitos/moths.

-When do bats fly out?-Bats are nocturnal (active at night). They will start to fly about 20-30 minutes before dark and return before sunrise.

-When do bats have babies?-Bats will have babies at the end of June, none of the baby bats will begin to fly till the end of July or the first weeks of August.

-How many babies do bats have?-Bats will have typically one to two pups per year.

-Do all bats have rabies?-It's estimated that less then half of one percent of the bat population carry rabies. If you suspect you may have been bitten seek medical attention.

-What do bats do in the winter?-Bats will migrate south or go into hibernation. If bats can get into your walls or attic and stay above forty degrees they will ride out these cold Michigan winters untill spring.

-Can I poison bats?-Bats are regulated in Michigan your are not allowed to kill, catch, or poison them. You have to perform live bat exclusions which is bat proofing your home and providing the right exit for them to leave and not return.

-Are bat droppings toxic?-If you have a large concentration of bat guano in the attic space it is possible it could hold moisture or bacteria. In these cases if dried up and went airborne could lead to bacterial lung infections such as Histoplasmosis.

-Why does my house have bats?-It's estimated that about one in four home have bats in the attic. It's mainly caused by construction gaps or deterioration to the homes exterior providing entry points for bats.

-Do bats chew holes or on wires?-Bats are not like rodents they, don't chew. They take advantage of preexisting holes to gain entry.

-Is it illegal to kill a bat?-If the moment arises where you discover a bat in your home you have to take the right precautions to remove it. Unfortunately if there are some casualties it's ok, but you definitely don't want to kill hundreds of bats in your attic space.

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