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Bat In Your House?

It's beginning to be the time of year when bats find their way into the living quarters of homes. The most active time is right after the pups begin to fly in late July to early August, because they don't know the entry and exit points as well as the adult bats and tend to get disoriented. Bat and Wildlife Solutions has already received and completed a few after hours bat calls this season. So, if you are startled awake in the middle of the night by an unwanted flying guest? It's best to try and keep an eye on it or keep it confined to one room if possible! One common question home owners tend to ask, is if the bat could have came in through an open door or window? This is sometimes possible, but not usually the likely suspect. Most of the time, bats are already living in the attic space and tend to sneak in through loose trim, fixtures or crawl down walls and pop up in unfinished parts of your basement or utility rooms. After they gain access to open area they make their way around, flying to where the air is moving. You can always try to open a door or window to see if the bat feels that air movement and flies outside on its own. If you feel comfortable enough you could try to self capture (this is not recommended,) always wear a thick leather glove, never bare handed! The safest idea is to give us a call anytime day or night! We are standing by so you can rest easy.

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Bat Conservation International

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