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Rabid skunk discovered in Genesee county.

GENESEE COUNTY, MI – The Genesee County Health Department is cautioning residents on the dangers of rabies after a rabid skunk was discovered in the area.

The virus can be transmitted through a bite, scratch, or saliva from an infected animal. The skunk was discovered in the 48506 zip code, in the city of Flint. Treatment is available if medical attention is received shortly after contact, but if left untreated the virus can be fatal. Exposure can occur to indoor or outdoor pets, with animals such as bats potentially entering a home and spreading the virus.

If anyone notices a bat in their home, they are urged not to release the animal outside until they speak with a health department official or County Animal Control.

Anyone with nuisance animal or bat questions can contact us here or the Genesee County Health Department for more information on rabies.

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